Briefly about our company

TEJSZOLG - Szentes Ltd. is a fully Hungarian owned enterprise, it was funded in 1996. On the premises of the company, our predecessors were welding and working with stainless steel, and milk industrial machinery since 1975. TEJSZOLG - Szentes Ltd. continues this tradition, currently employing 36 people. Building on the experiences, and improving them, we offer our products and services mainly for the food- and chemical industry, but we have references from the pharmaceutical industry as well. 

The largest ratio of our sales are given by the high standard quality stainless steel food industrial containers and pressure vessels. Our containers are produced up to the capacity of 50,000 l in unique sizes, designed according to the requirements of our customers and equipped with variously. Our investments aim to improve the standard of our container production. We also produce mixers, heat exchangers, box washers and food industrial machinery of unique design out of stainless steel. Our factory has the MSZ EN 729-2 certification. 

We undertake the design, production of food industrial technologies, including fitting on scene. In case of technological pipe fitting, the welding of pipes are done by technician certificated by TÜV. 

Our servicing division provides its services to the dairy industrial factories in Hungary. We repair, and maintain separators, pasteurizers, plated heat exchangers and pumps. 

Dairy industrial spare parts, pipe fitting materials, fittings and sealings are available from our stock 

TEJSZOLG - Szentes Ltd. is operating a quality assurance system, and every operation is done according to EN ISO 9001:2001 standard. 

Please have a look at our products, ask for and offer and references from our colleagues.

H-6600 SZENTES, Vásárhelyi út 171. TEL: +36-63/561-070 FAX: +36-63/561-071 E-MAIL: info@tejszolg.hu